[Listen] After a 4-year hiatus, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah return with “Same Mistake”

The band has announced the release of their upcoming album – the first after nearly four years and speculation that the band had, indeed, broken up.

In 2005, the overnight success they received from their first album, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, transformed them into the poster child for indie music. Their self-released album put them in the middle of the musical discourse, greatly owing their success to the abundance of blog-buzz they received. But the opposite happened with their sophomore album, Some Loud Thunder, suffering a backlash and never-will-meet-expectations kind of buzz from the same blogs that made them famous in the first place. After that, the band worked on solo projects and took an extended hiatus, staying away from the blogosphere.

Now, after four years – and what has felt like an eternity – the Brooklyn quintet is finally back with “Hysterical”, due to be released in September 20 via V2 Records.

While it may still be too soon to tell, it seems like the band might have changed gears in musical direction, as well as in terms of the scale of production. The addition of strings in “Same Mistake”, makes the track a lot grander. Additionally, Alec Ounsworth’s raspy vocals, a trademark of CLYSY, are more refined now. In the previous albums, he would sing as if the words hurt his throat, almost as if he were in pain; now the vocals are a lot smoother and much more polished. While I still miss the quirkiness I have become accustomed to, the new song is catchy and fresh.

You can download the song for the price of an email here.

“Same Mistake”:

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