Pepper Rabbit – “Rose Mary Stretch”

I loved their 2010 album, Beauregard. Last fall, I remember being particularly obsessed with “Older Brother” – a heartbreakingly beautiful song – which is why, I am so happy to hear the LA-based duo is back with a new album, Red Velvet Snow Ball, due out August 9th via Kanine Records.

They’ve released their first single, “Rose Mary Stretch”. A catchy, upbeat song with a West coast vibe to it. This is an incredibly easy song to like. According to the band, the track deals with aging and post-high school confusion: “Don’t take care and don’t even write, you won’t see my face after tonight”. This song will have you hitting the repeat button, guaranteed.

Also, Pepper Rabbit incorporate 11 instruments into their songs. Pretty damn impressive. If this song is anything to go by, we should expect pretty amazing things from them.

“Rose Mary Stretch”:

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