[You Should Know] Fair Ohs

The London-based trio, Fair Ohs, make post-punk music, laced with African and Indian influences, and infused with a little bit of 60s psychedelic pop, and not unlike Paul Simon. If this alone doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

The Fair Ohs have a new and refreshingly different sound. They are fun, quirky, and instantly lovable, and they get major points for how thoughtful they are! On their website, they have a section for bloggers aptly titled “Everything you wanted to know about Fair Ohs but were to lazy to research yourself” and when you download their latest single “Everything Is Dancing”, they send you a summer package in the form of a zip file, complete with a parrot (!), coconut, super-soaker and other summer goodies. But by far, the most essential thing of said package is the song itself: it is a great track for these warm sunny days, and one you will be playing constantly. Click here for the free download.

Their debut album will be released September 26th via Lefse and their own imprint, Honey High Records.

The awesome video for “Everything Is Dancing” features an obese Batman having a day off with his trusty sidekick, Robin. Check it out below.


Connect with Fair Ohs: Website I MySpace

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