[You Should Know] Elle King

Elle King is a young, new folk/Americana talent with a piercing voice that will knock your socks off. Her music has been described as “Billy Holiday drinking with Johnny Cash, and throw in some banjos and mid-western charm.” She has a unique, old soul quality about her that is very charming, but it is ultimately her stunning voice that takes her music to a whole new level. Really, just listen to it.

Her song, “Good To Be a Man” is witty and instantly engaging. She sings “it’s good to be a man these days, don’t have no conscience about my evil ways.” Paired with a banjo, her voice is breathtaking and her lyrics engrossing – and even at times hilarious: “to be a man would be just fine. My only worry would be my receding hairline.” But underneath all that sarcasm, she seems like a sweet and good-natured girl whose been hurt once or twice, but has emerged the other side, a little bit stronger and a little bit wiser. Lucky for us, she writes damn good songs about it.

She has said: “If you got your heart ripped out, and stepped on and chewed up and then spit out, and then you formed it into a really pretty smile and you put it on and you actually felt happy about it, that would be my music.” We love her. She is still unsigned, but if we know anything about anything, this won’t be for long.

“Good To Be a Man”:

*You can download the track for free via Soundcloud, just click on the arrow on the right*

Connect with Elle King: MySpace I Facebook

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