[Listen] Summer Camp – “Better Off Without You”

When Summer Camp first came on the scene, they were shrouded with mystery, releasing precious little information about themselves, which, in turn, paved the way for some crazy rumors, including one that the band members were, in fact, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. All of that speculation has been put to rest. The London-based duo is formed by Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey, who have explained that their anonymity was simply due to the fact that they didn’t think their little musical project would ever see the light of day. We’re glad it did.

Summer Camp makes nostalgia-drenched electro pop, with synth-driven melodies – not completely unlike Best Coast – that have a clear 80s vibe. They are about to release their first LP within the next few months, but they are asking their fans via their PledgeMusic page for help them finish the project. Listen to their first single “Better Off Without You” below. If you like it, help them out.

[Mp3] Summer Camp – “Better Off Without You”

Connect with Summer Camp: Facebook I MySpace

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