[You Should Know] The Coasts

The Coasts is a duo formed by Eric Mount and Ike Peters; they met in college, where they became fast friends, and began making music together. And we are glad they still do.

Their sound is fun, fresh and effortlessly catchy. They make 60s-inspired music – like so many bands nowadays do – but they do so with a twist: in addition to the unmistakable doo-wop vocals and soft harmonies, they also provide another side to their music which has a raw, Black Keys quality about it. The track “Hard-Working Man”, is a great example of how they add that necessary edge to the sweetness. The show a genuine and humble side to their music with “John Lennon”: “It’s not likely I’ll get famous, but if I do I’ll have to face it. I’m not John Lennon, I’m just a guy with songs.” It is instantly appealing, and frankly, just plain adorable.

I highly suggest you buy their self-titled debut album for two very compelling reasons: firstly, the music damn good – seriously, there isn’t one song on this album I haven’t enjoyed; I cannot say enough good things about this band. Secondly, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Hope for Haiti’s Children foundation. So really, win-win.

You can get “Handshakers” for free through Paper Garden Records’ Lovely Hearts Club.

“Hard-Working Man”: 

“John Lennon”: 


Connect with The Coasts: Bandcamp I TwitterFacebook

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