[Listen] Lana del Rey – “Kill Kill”

Lately, Lana del Rey (Lizzy Grant) is everywhere. Over the past month or so, her self-made music video for her single “Video Games” has made the rounds of the blogosphere and created a decent amount of buzz, and with good reason: she is worth all the attention she is getting. Her voice is quite unique, and her songs have a cinematic quality that is very appealing. She has even been hailed as the new Nancy Sinatra. Time will tell, but one thing is for sure: we will hear a lot more from her… She’s just getting started.

Her new single, “Kill Kill”, is a bit different from her previous ones, opting for a more stripped-down, acoustic sound – certainly less dramatic, but just as enjoyable. As always, her lyrics are quite interesting and somber, singing over and over: “I’m in love with a dying man.” Listen below.

[Mp3] Lana del Rey – “Kill Kill”

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