[Video] Lana del Rey – “Blue Jeans”

Lana del Rey has just unveiled a new video for her latest single, “Blue Jeans”, as featured on the B-side of her limited-edition 7” vinyl . The video has the same home-made clip format as “Video Games“, with the same nostalgic and cinematic qualities we have known and loved. No two singles of hers have been the same thus far, constantly showing different sides to her music and bringing something new to the table. “Blue Jeans” builds up beautifully as she sings about an ill-fated romance, showcasing her vocal range, and hitting a gorgeous note by the end of the chorus.

Lana is working on a full-length album, which will come out sometime next year. Taking into account the fantastic singles she’s already released, and that “Blue Jeans” is only worthy of a B-side, I am pretty confident her album will be amazing.

[Mp3] Lana del Rey – “Blue Jeans”

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