[Video] Feist – “The Bad In Each Other”

Feist has released the cinematic video for “The Bad In Each Other”, taken from her latest album, Metals. The video was shot by Martin de Turah and filmed in Mexico. The clip is an exploration of the human condition, how we relate to one another and the quiet, internal hopes and struggles that define our actions, who we are, and who we will eventually become. The video’s goal was to highlight the mini dramas we experience everyday, in between the big dramas. The Canadian songstress further explains:

“This video captures glimpses of something human. We get a peek inside something real between people. Could be loss, longing and love. A lot of things which is about being a human being….It is told in a way where it opens up more aspects than it concludes. Maybe something we can’t grasp, but it points at it or touches it and leaves us with different kinds of emotions. You could think about the video like a song or a poem, and different people will connect to different things …and those connections might be different from time to time when they watch it…” 

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[Listen] Andrew Bird – “Eyeoneye”

After three long years, Andrew Bird is poised to release his sixth album and follow up to 2009’s Noble Beast. His forthcoming LP, Break It Yourself, is due March 6th via Mom+Pop. As our first taste, Bird has released “Eyeoneye”: a slow and quiet little track that soon blossoms and swells into a beautiful rock and roll piece. Also, he is back to his word-playing ways, and the lyrics reveal a bit more about the album title: “No one can break your heart/So you break it yourself.” Very, very nice. Listen below.

Andrew Bird – “Eyeoneye”: 

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[Listen] Miike Snow – “Black Tin Box” feat. Lykke Li

Miike Snow will soon release their latest album, Happy To You, out March 27th. They’ve recruited fellow Swede, Lykke Li to collaborate on their latest promo track, “Black Tin Box.” It’s certainly not what I would expect from them: Lykke Li’s vocals are delicate and distant, while the track as a whole is dark, hazy and other-worldly. Listen below.

Miike Snow – “Black Tin Box” feat. Lykke Li:

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[Video] Django Django – “Default”

UK electro-pop rockers, Django Django, are promoting the upcoming release of their eponymous debut album (due out January 30th) with the release of a new video for their latest single, “Default”: the track is infectious, polyrhythmic and utterly irresistible. Although they craft some impressive avant-pop, Django Django still manage to remain quite accessible. The stop-motion video perfectly captures the band’s sound: fresh, colorful and dizzying. Pretty amazing stuff for a debut album, if you ask me. Watch below.

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[Video] Alex Winston – “Choice Notes”

The always fun, Alex Winston, has just debuted the video for “Choice Notes”, the title track of her 2010 EP. She headed back to Detroit, her hometown, to shoot the visuales in some of the city’s quirkier sides, where she is haunted by bed sheet ghosts. Her debut album, King Con, drops on March 5th. Watch below.

[Mp3] Alex Winston – “Choice Notes”

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[Watch/Listen] Alex Turner – “Strange” (Patsy Cline cover)

Arctic Monkeys‘ frontman, Alex Turner, dropped by Australian radio station Triple J, for its covers feature, Like A Version a few days ago, and performed a cover of Patsy Cline’s “Strange.” He kept it simple, with only an acoustic guitar as accompaniment. He is so beautiful, his face is almost distracting. Also, he should win an award for that Sheffield accent. Watch the performance below.

[Mp3] Alex Turner – “Strange” (Patsy Cline cover)

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[Listen] Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

Sleigh Bells are gearing up for the forthcoming release of their sophomore album, Reign of Terror, due out February 21st via Mom+Pop Records. To make the anticipation a bit more manageable, they’ve released their first proper single, “Comeback Kid.” The track is exactly what you’d expect from the noise-pop-electro-clash Brooklyn duo: loud and infectious beats, relentless guitars and crystalline vocals. In other words, killing it as usual. Listen below.

Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”:

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[Video] Blitzen Trapper – “Taking It Easy Too Long”

Portland folk-rockers, Blitzen Trapper, have just unveiled their latest video for American Goldwing‘s “Taking It Easy Too Long.” The video perfectly captures the band’s trademark rootsy, Americana vibe, as they take us through rural America and show us all the wonders it beholds – a lot of pick up trucks, moustaches, beers and guns. No, seriously, I wish I was there. Watch below.

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[You Should Know] Jesse Rhodes

Santa Barbara-native, Jesse Rhodes, has been around music his entire life: from growing up with a cellist mother, to religiously practicing guitar in high school and touring with his band (Stegosaurus) until, finally, becoming a composer for film and TV soundtrack music. And now, in what seems to be a natural transition, he is giving his own music a shot. Judging from his new EP, Music From The Sun, I’m not at all surprised to see that he is obviously a man with strong musical and songwriting sensibilities. His songs are mostly acoustic, and at times have a clear 90s nostalgia quality about them; they are thoughtfully arranged and soothing in their simplicity. The lyrics are often personal, emotionally charged, and sometimes downright funny (“All the games, all the games you play/Maybe what you need is to get laid” or “I’m sniffing glue and it smells like you”), but always enjoyable. Jesse Rhodes has gone wherever the music has taken him, and he has ended up in a pretty damn good place.

Listen to “Grapefruit Pie” and “Heavy Grudge” below, and go to his Bandcamp page and download all 12 tracks for the very reasonable price of $5.50.

[Mp3] Jesse Rhodes – “Grapefruit Pie”

[Mp3] Jesse Rhodes – “Heavy Grudge”

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[Listen] The Magnetic Fields – “Andrew In Drag”

The Magnetic Fields are back with their tenth studio album, Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, due out on March 6th. More importantly, they are back in true Magnetic Fields fashion: their synth-free streak appears to have happily come to an end, opting instead for their signature blend of synth and acoustic. The album’s first single is “Andrew In Drag”, a fun and quirky track that reminds us why we love them oh so much. Listen below.

The Magnetic Fields – “Andrew In Drag”:

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