[You Should Know] Jesse Rhodes

Santa Barbara-native, Jesse Rhodes, has been around music his entire life: from growing up with a cellist mother, to religiously practicing guitar in high school and touring with his band (Stegosaurus) until, finally, becoming a composer for film and TV soundtrack music. And now, in what seems to be a natural transition, he is giving his own music a shot. Judging from his new EP, Music From The Sun, I’m not at all surprised to see that he is obviously a man with strong musical and songwriting sensibilities. His songs are mostly acoustic, and at times have a clear 90s nostalgia quality about them; they are thoughtfully arranged and soothing in their simplicity. The lyrics are often personal, emotionally charged, and sometimes downright funny (“All the games, all the games you play/Maybe what you need is to get laid” or “I’m sniffing glue and it smells like you”), but always enjoyable. Jesse Rhodes has gone wherever the music has taken him, and he has ended up in a pretty damn good place.

Listen to “Grapefruit Pie” and “Heavy Grudge” below, and go to his Bandcamp page and download all 12 tracks for the very reasonable price of $5.50.

[Mp3] Jesse Rhodes – “Grapefruit Pie”

[Mp3] Jesse Rhodes – “Heavy Grudge”

Connect with Jesse Rhodes: Bandcamp I Last.fm

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