[Listen] Regina Spektor – “All The Rowboats”

We last heard from Regina Spektor in 2009, following the release of her previous album, Far. Now, the very talented chanteuse is poised for a comeback with a new LP, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, scheduled for a late spring release. Her first single, “All The Rowboats” is a dark and moody song with huge production; the piano creates a good amount of tension, adding to the track’s general darkness. With all the quirkiness and thoughtfulness that makes her so great, she sings about art being trapped in a museum: “it’s their own fault for being timeless.” Sounds like we’re in for a treat. Listen below.

Regina Spektor – “All The Rowboats”:

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[Watch] Beirut – “Vagabond”

Beirut has released the video for “Vagabond”, off their 2011 album, The Rip Tide. The black-and-white clip, directed by Sunset Television, is set in the 1940s and it depicts a group of soldiers and nurses gathering in a ballroom to have fun and release tension by dancing, smoking and drinking excessively. The melancholia inherent to wartime is, however, ever-present throughout the video. Seems like a perfect fit for Beirut’s nostalgic sound. Watch below.

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[Listen] M. Ward – “Primitive Girl”

The always lovely M. Ward (who is also a part of Monsters of Folk and She&Him) is gearing up to release a new solo LP titled, A Wasteland Companion, out on April 10th via Merge. Today he’s returned with the album’s second single, “Primitive Girl.” The piano-driven track is a very enjoyable piece of shiny pop, which proves once again just how sweet his music can be – even if it is Zooey-less. Check it out below.

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[Watch] The Drums – “Days”

The Drums have released the official video for “Days”, a cut from their latest album, Portamento. The creepy black and white video, directed by Patrick Roberts, focuses on a lone man in a dingy motel room; as the song and video progress, so does his transformation into a blonde woman. Drag is so in right now. Watch below.

[Mp3] The Drums – “Days”

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[Video] Los Campesinos! – “Songs About Your Girlfriend”

Los Campesinos! have just released the video for “Songs About Your Girlfriend”, taken from their latest studio LP, Hello Sadness. Just in time for Valentines Day, the clip shows a bunch of strippers with the faces of the British band members pasted on their heads. Because nothing says “I love you” like strippers… And they say romance is dead. Watch below.

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[Watch] Cults – “You Know What I Mean”

Watch Cults‘ fiery new video for the sixties-inspired “You Know What I Mean”, off their self-titled debut album, out now. In the clip, both band members find themselves caught in a love triangle. The whole storyline develops around a dilapidated carnival, where Brian Oblivion’s stunt-double does some pretty impressive high-dives and fire-jumps. Watch the video here.

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[Watch] St. Vincent – “Cheerleader”

St. Vincent has released a new video for “Cheerleader”, a cut from her latest album, Strange Mercy (out now). The clip, directed by Hiro Murai, shows a giant-sized Annie Clark tied to the center of an art museum floor. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but as she breaks free, strange things happen. Watch below.

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[Listen] Adam Arcuragi – “The Well”

I was shamefully unaware of Adam Arcuragi’s existence (despite the fact that he has three albums under his belt) until last week, when I stumbled upon “The Well”, a beautiful song from his new and aptly titled album, Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It… I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. Since then, I have gone through his music like wildfire; his Southern folk roots coupled with his passionate and poetic lyricism make for a truly beautiful listen. In “The Well”, Adam’s passionate and aching vocals feel more like desperate, jarring pleas – as if the words burned his throat: “When we ache no more/won’t it be something to see.” If you like soulful lyrics, big rousing choruses and just the right amount of foot-stomping, this album is for you. It’s early February and I’m already certain I’ll be talking about him when I make my “best of 2012” list. Listen below.

[Mp3] Adam Arcuragi – “The Well”:

Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It… is out now. Get it, you fools!

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[Listen] The Shins – “September”

Last month, The Shins released the single, “Simple Song” off their upcoming album, Port Of Morrow, due out March 20th. Along with the announcement of the track’s 7-inch release (out next week), they’ve also unveiled its b-side, “September” – with video accompaniment and all. The song has a subtle country-twang and soft harmonies – a welcome change of pace. Watch and listen below.

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[Video] Saint Motel – “At Least I Have Nothing”

LA indie rockers, Saint Motel, have recently released the video for their track “At Least I Have Nothing”, the B-side to their latest release, the 7-inch Puzzle Pieces. They have earned a reputation for putting on explosive live shows, and after listening to their single, I can understand why. The guitar laden track is ridiculously catchy and energetic. Do not be fooled by the song’s bleak title – this tongue-in-cheek tirade will be wrapped around your head for days. I promise, you’ll be an instant fan. Watch and listen below.

[Mp3] Saint Motel – “At Least I Have Nothing”

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