[Listen] Adam Arcuragi – “The Well”

I was shamefully unaware of Adam Arcuragi’s existence (despite the fact that he has three albums under his belt) until last week, when I stumbled upon “The Well”, a beautiful song from his new and aptly titled album, Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It… I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. Since then, I have gone through his music like wildfire; his Southern folk roots coupled with his passionate and poetic lyricism make for a truly beautiful listen. In “The Well”, Adam’s passionate and aching vocals feel more like desperate, jarring pleas – as if the words burned his throat: “When we ache no more/won’t it be something to see.” If you like soulful lyrics, big rousing choruses and just the right amount of foot-stomping, this album is for you. It’s early February and I’m already certain I’ll be talking about him when I make my “best of 2012” list. Listen below.

[Mp3] Adam Arcuragi – “The Well”:

Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It… is out now. Get it, you fools!

Connect with Adam Arcuragi: Website I FacebookTwitter


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