[Listen] Sigur Rós – “Ekki Múkk”

Earlier today, Sigur Rós confirmed details regarding the release of their upcoming LP, Valtari – their first in four years. These details include a May 28th release and a seven-song tracklist. The band described the album’s sound using adjectives like “ambient”, “floaty”, “minimal” and “introverted”, which is really not helpful at all since that’s exactly the kind of music we’d expect from them. Also, the album’s title translates to “steamroller”, frontman Jónsi explains: “the music kind of just rolls over you” but “in a good way.” They’ve released the album’s first cut, “Ekki Múkk” – a track that proves that Sigur Rós are the best at making the kind of nostalgic music that evokes childhood memories as you remember them – muted and in slow motion, as captured by a home video. Listen below.

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