[Watch] Lana del Rey – “National Anthem”

In her cinematic new video for “National Anthem”, Lana del Rey plays both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O to rapper A$AP Rocky’s JFK. Or maybe she was Monroe all along, and this video is meant to explore how different things could’ve turned out if other choices had been made, and how certain things – like a life’s premature end – cannot be avoided. Or maybe it’s about a loss of innocence. Or maybe A$AP Rocky is Obama and there is some social commentary there. I have no clue. But the video is visually quite nice, running for over 7 minutes, all the shots are sepia-filtered and Instagram-looking for that 60s vintage feel. Watch below.

[Mp3] Lana del Rey – “National Anthem”

Lana Del Rey’s debut album, Born To Die, is out now.

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[Listen] Muse – “Survival”

The London Olympics are right around the corner, and while everyone is getting excited about all the athletic events and friendly international competition, Muse has given us something new to look forward to. They have been selected to create the Olympics official song, and here it is. Muse are masters of grandeur, no doubt about it. “Survival” is a Queen-esque song but with the added bonus of Muse’s signature epic crescendos, and some pretty heavy lyrics about never losing, surviving and such. The whole thing is incredibly theatrical, and the fact that it is a chorus-less tracks comes off more like an album opener than an Olympic anthem. That said, “Survival” IS anthemic; only Muse can pull off these cataclysmic build-ups and stunning orchestral arrangements. I love love love it as a track, but I’m not sure if it is terribly fitting to the occasion or friendly-enough for everyone. Either way, this song will play during most sporting sessions and medal ceremonies, so get used to listening to it. A lot. Check it out below.

[Mp3] Muse – “Survival”

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[Watch] Beirut – “The Rip Tide”

Beirut has released some new visuals for “The Rip Tide”, the title track from last year’s LP. The video is just plain gorgeous. For the first two minutes or so, you’ll see nothing special: just a small boat floating nicely on the water. But after that, the video transforms into something completely different, as these big, ethereal clouds descend and envelop the sailboat and paint the sky with constantly changing colors – from crimson, to blue and green. And it all just makes more sense with Beirut’s beautifully layered arrangements. Just gorgeous. Watch below.

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[Listen] Passion Pit – “I’ll Be Alright”

Last month we heard Passion Pit‘s lead single, “Take a Walk.” Now they have released another track from their forthcoming sophomore album, Gossamer, due out on July 24th via Columbia Records. The song, titled “I’ll Be Alright”, stays true to Passion Pit’s maximalist style; it is a happy and upbeat – or rather, manic – track, with some interesting glitchy and dizzying segments thrown in there for good measure. Listen below.

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[Listen] Hot Chip – “Don’t Deny Your Heart”

Hot Chip’s new album, In Our Heads, drops tomorrow (June 12th). In anticipation, they’ve released “Don’t Deny Your Heart” as the second single, and it is a pretty good one. The 80s-indebted track is a fun and catchy jam with a Talking Heads vibe – you are sure to love it. Give it a listen below and stream the full album here.

Hot Chip – “Don’t Deny Your Heart”:

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[Watch] Beach House – “Lazuli”

Baltimore outfit, Beach House, has just unveiled the new visuals for “Lazuli” taken from their fantastic new album, Bloom, out now. The trippy video follows three unlucky strangers whose lives converge through a series of random and bizarre supernatural occurrences – like spontaneously exploding eggs. All of this happens as Victoria Legrand softly sings “Like no other, you can’t be replaced” over and over. Watch below.

[Mp3] Beach House – “Lazuli”

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[Watch] The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling”

Yesterday, The Black Keys dropped the video for “Gold On The Ceiling” and for the life of me, I have no words to describe it. This must be the most bizarre and creepiest video of the year – by far. It features Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney posing in weird baby suits, with small versions of themselves strapped to their chests, staring blankly at the camera. The whole thing is odd, disconcerting and, at times, just plain frightening. The song is still awesome, though. Watch below.

The Black Keys’ latest album, El Camino, is out now.

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