[Listen] Muse – “Survival”

The London Olympics are right around the corner, and while everyone is getting excited about all the athletic events and friendly international competition, Muse has given us something new to look forward to. They have been selected to create the Olympics official song, and here it is. Muse are masters of grandeur, no doubt about it. “Survival” is a Queen-esque song but with the added bonus of Muse’s signature epic crescendos, and some pretty heavy lyrics about never losing, surviving and such. The whole thing is incredibly theatrical, and the fact that it is a chorus-less tracks comes off more like an album opener than an Olympic anthem. That said, “Survival” IS anthemic; only Muse can pull off these cataclysmic build-ups and stunning orchestral arrangements. I love love love it as a track, but I’m not sure if it is terribly fitting to the occasion or friendly-enough for everyone. Either way, this song will play during most sporting sessions and medal ceremonies, so get used to listening to it. A lot. Check it out below.

[Mp3] Muse – “Survival”

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