[Listen] John Frusciante – “Walls and Doors”

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ guitarist, John Frusciante, is back with his upcoming album, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, set for a September 25th release. You can get a taste of the new LP with “Walls and Doors”: Frusciante has crafted an inventive, erratic and ever-changing medley of melodies – it’s a real trip.The songwriter released a statement about the track:

“This song, recorded in September 2010, marks the point at which I began combining 60s and early 70s production styles with modern electronic production styles. This song was also the first time I successfully balanced pop music with abstract forms of music. This song showed me that the pop parts of myself and the more adventurous parts of myself could blend without one compromising the scope of the other.”

[Mp3] John Frusciante – “Walls and Doors”

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[Watch/Listen] Muse – “Unsustainable”

Here is Muse‘s controversial and highly anticipated (and/or dreaded) dubstep song, “Unsustainable.” The track, like the video, is theatrical and apocalyptic: as society breaks down and everything gets screwed up, Matt Bellamy’s vocals kick in, taking the song to its climax. Then evil robots attack. Watch and listen below.

The band’s upcoming album, The 2nd Law, drops October 2nd.

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[Listen] Team Spirit – “Phenomenon”

Passion Pit‘s former keyboardist, Ayad Al Adhamy, is leading a new band called Team Spirit, and they are gearing up for a fall release of their self-titled debut EP. Their first single, “Phenomenon” sounds nothing whatsoever like Passion Pit, but don’t let this disuade you. The guitar-driven, power-pop track is energetic and instantly catchy. Check it out below.

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[Watch] Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”

“The House That Heaven Built”, the first single from Japandroids’ new album, Celebration Rock, is without a doubt this year’s summer anthem and so far, one of the best tracks of 2012. Today they have released the video that perfectly complements the song; the clip, shot entirely in black and white, documents their recent tour and captures the energy and exuberance that defines them as a band. Watch below.

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