[Watch] Titus Andronicus – “In a Big City”

Titus Andronicus have released the first video supporting their latest album, Local Business, now available via XL Recordings. “In a Big City” is a rousing anthem and ode to the band’s native New Jersey, which is why it makes perfect sense that in the video, frontman Patrick Stickles is seen singing along while wandering through the Garden State, until he arrives to the Hudson River’s banks and stares at the skyline of the promised land. It’s quite nice. Watch below.

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[Watch] M83 – “Steve McQueen”

It’s been over a year since M83 released the fantastic album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – proving once and for all that Anthony Gonzalez is the undisputed master at crafting swelling, electronic anthems. A good example of this is the burner “Steve McQueen”, which has a brand new video. The clip, directed by Balthazar Auxietre and Sylvain Derosne, perfectly captures that sense of childlike exploration and wonder. Watch below.

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[Watch] Guards – “Silver Lining”

New York-based band, Guards, will finally unleash their debut full-length, aptly named In Guards We Trust, slated to be released on February 5th via Black Bell Records. It’s bound to be a good one. They’ve also unveiled a new video for their first single, “Silver Lining.” In the clip, the band performs in front of a trippy backdrop of swirling colors and upside-down faces. Watch below.

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[Watch] Bon Iver – “Beth/Rest”

It’s been over a year since Bon Iver released his latest album Bon Iver, Bon Iver – but the video for the 80s-inspired album closer, “Beth/Rest”, is finally here. Justin Vernon directs and here’s what he had to say about the clip:

“[i]t’s kind of about two people who are truly meant for each other and what happens to their essence. How they connect is some other thing that we don’t know how to really talk about.”

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