[Watch] Mumford & Sons – “Lover Of The Light”

Mumford & Sons have dropped a new video, supporting their latest album, Babel, out now. In the clip for “Lover Of The Light”, Idris Elba (The Wire) directs and plays the role of a blind man who bravely decides to face the world without the aid of a seeing-eye dog or cane. It’s pretty powerful stuff, considering Marcus Mumford repeatedly sings: “watch me stumble over and over.” Watch below.

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[Watch] Mumford & Sons – “I Will Wait”

Mumford & Sons have unveiled the video for “I Will Wait”, the first single from their much anticipated upcoming album, Babel, due out September 25. The clip uses footage from their recent stop at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Of course, the band, performing in front of a packed crowd, put on the kind of show we’ve come to expect of them – as epic and invigorating as ever. Watch below.

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[Listen] Mumford & Sons – Babel (5 New Songs)

Mumford & Sons have recently announced the upcoming release of Babel, their follow-up to their extraordinary debut album, Sigh No More. Below you’ll find the full tracklist with links to YouTube streams of the band playing five new songs live. Last year, we posted about “Ghosts That We Knew” – we didn’t know at the time if the track would make it to the album or not, but it has made the cut. Listen below.

Babel will hit the stores on September 25th.

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[Listen] Mumford & Sons – “Ghosts That We Knew”

The Britfolk outfit, Mumford & Sons performed a new track at Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5 yesterday called “Ghosts That We Knew” or simply “Ghosts”, depending on which band member you ask. The track is a reflective and emotion-drenched piece, that follows in the same vein as their successful debut album, Sigh No More. The band is prepping for a sophomore album, and these singles (back in July they released “Home“) sure remind us just how much we love them. Stream the track below.

[Mp3] Mumford & Sons – “Ghosts That We Knew”

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[Listen] New song by Mumford & Sons – “Home”

The band stopped by KBCO, a Colorado radio station, and unveiled a new song from their second album, set to be released sometime this year. While the track is still officially untitled, it has been dubbed “Home” by listeners and fans.

After the extraordinary Sigh No More, we are anxious to see what they come up with next. But in the meantime, here’s “Home”:

[Mp3] Mumford & Sons – “Home”

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